I fell in love with the cruise experience while on board my very first adventure on the high seas. I embarked on a 7-day cruise throughout the Bahamas, knowing that I would have a fantastic time but underestimating the amazing experience that lies ahead. Not only was I able to explore every port of call, but I found myself on a luxurious floating city. Within arm's reach was a nail salon, an array of incredible restaurants, pools where I could cool off and panoramic views of the ocean.
I even had the opportunity to wear a sparkling gown and dine with the captain of the ship. This moment is embedded in my heart and soul. Moments like these are what I strive to achieve for every one of my clients.
I specialize in booking cruises for my clients. I prefer to book this type of vacation because:

There are endless opportunities while cruising. Those who prefer to relax on their own terms can stay on deck, enjoying a new book or simply watch the other passengers walk by. Those who want to immerse themselves in the nightlife will find endless entertainment options. Those who want to explore several destinations in one thrilling vacation can visit city after city, day after day.
Cruising is a vacation that can be affordable for anyone, regardless of budget. There are many different package types available, making this an ideal vacation for nearly all travelers. In addition, I offer affordable and flexible payment plans that make it easier than ever to book a trip.
I have earned certifications with several major cruise lines, and I'm also an experienced cruiser myself. This allows me to provide my clients with reliable information and expert insight into their next cruise experience.

My motto is: We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.

I believe that all people should take time out of their lives to discover something new through travel. When you book with me, it can be more affordable than ever before. Contact me today to learn more about the payment plans that are available!

Sarah Harris

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